Winter 2015 — While recovering at home from a leg injury, Roli Rho's second floor apartment in Queens became the de facto clubhouse for DJs in the area as they came over to visit, chat, eat and eventually scratch on the set in his living room.  

A few friends came over one week to cut, chat, and eat.

A few more friends came over another week...

And eventually, Wednesday nights became weekly scratch sessions (with pizza!) as Roli's leg healed.

More tables were set up in his living room along with a number of donated mixers and turntables. As rumors circulated of a secret scratch session taking place in Queens, other scratch DJs and turntablists from NJ and Long Island started to reach out for open spots. One attendee dubbed the sessions "Wiki Wiki Wednesdays" (which was eventually shortened to WikiWeds).

The WikiWeds sessions quickly outgrew that second floor apartment, as DJs and crews from all over the Tri-state were making their way to Queens to take part in what was becoming one of the largest weekly scratch sessions on the East Coast.

WikiWeds is now a monthly scratch session where DJs and tablists come to cut and discuss #djlife, new equipment, upcoming events, jokes, and food. The show is livestreamed for an hour on Facebook, but the sessions generally go longer into the night, culminating in turntable band jams, scratch tutorials and more.  We've hosted scratchers from around the world and from all skill levels.

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